This collection  started in a very casual way in 1969, when a friend of mine gave me a family fan /bologna. The desire not to leave this solitary object on a wall, pushed me to look for, at least, other two, for a mere aesthetic  and symmetry sense (/en/season_s_allegory and /en/gallant_scene). The meeting with Aldo Dente, a tradesman and deep connoisseur of the subject, all this allowed  the collection to be  enriched and enlarged, while I managed  to stock news, controlled by an expert guide. For some years I looked for and bought just pieces of XVIII century, completely ignoring other periods, but it’s obvious that a collection must represent a continuum that may follow the fashion and the taste of the times. Paraphrasing Blondel: the fan is a coquetry, and the coquetry was born with the first cry of the first woman. It has been decided to schematize the dating following the succession of the French kings because it is undeniable the fact that the fashion from the beginning of the XVIII century, was  launched by the French court and followed, with little changes, by the courts of the other European countries.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci