Gallant scene

Length cm 27
Spread cm 51,5
Sticks 14 plus 2
France, around 1780
A fan with silken, embroidered and painted page. The lonely medallion, surrounded by paillettes, shows us the most classical of the gallant scenes in a rural environment.
The style of the female dress ( the neckline, the sleeve wringing until the elbow and the enriched by volants, the little aigrette on the head ) places this object around 1785, the decoration of the profile is mixed, the flowers are painted while the stalks are embroidered. And we find the classical love symbols too: quiver and torch.
The ivory sticks are golden damascened, while the guards are fretted and put on a small pearl changing color layer.
It’s interesting the comparison with the fan nr 078, very similar in the style but this last one must be placed in 1790.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci