Texts drawn from : Grazia Gobbi Sica, Il ventaglio pubblicitario 1890 - 1940, Cantini & C., Firenze 1991
This volume in Italian it’s the most complete I know, this is why I invite you in consulting it; I will report just some sentences of general organization.
…the new role of the fan as loudhailer of the advertisement language, constitutes a real sign inversion in front of the traditional meaning of the object:… at first protagonist of the charmantes causeries ( intimal conversations between 2 talkers) ,… then object of the new product universe, messenger of invitations destined to be kept from the largest number of users. The fan page assumes the role of a real tiny advertisement panel. From rich object to public consumption object …… created in a very large number of models. The new role given to the fan from the advertisement opens a new chapter of its fortune: if the role of the fan as accessory of the female toilette ends with the revolution made by Coco Chanel, the fan as advertisement instrument lasts until today…
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci
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