Orphanage Female Antoniano

Orphanage Female Antoniano

Heigth cm 13, 5
Largeness cm 13,5
Spread cm 23

Italy, first quarter of the XX century

Paper fan composed by four moulded sheets plus 2 of head, it could be defined palmette  Brisè.
On the front the figures of Jesus and S. Antonio from Padova in relief, sourcing and surrounded by lilies, lower the script: “ S. Antonio da Padova giglio di purita' pregate per noi”; on the last sheet the script: “ orfanotrofio ANTONIANO FEMMINILE del can. Annibale M. di Francia ALTAMURA (BARI) c.c. postale n. 13/3689 OMAGGIO AI BENEFATTORI”, following the typography mark I.R.A.G by Tumminelli and c. S.E.A.S. Rome.  On every sheet then there are printed, on the verse some prayers to the Saint, o the retro edifying thoughts on faith, hope, charity and soul purety.
Historical notes:
“ 15th August 1916: in Altamura (bari) it’s opened the  female orphanage Antoniano for the orphans of the soldiers dead during the war.  (from http://www.arcipreturataormina.org/fondatore_figlie_del_divino_zelo.htm)
Calogero Tumminelli: from Wikipedia
In 1913 he founded together with Emilio Bestetti the la Casa Editrice d'Arte Bestetti & Tumminelli, specialized in the sector of figurative arts.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci