Height cm 22,5

Celluloid screen , steel handle covered and plaited, it finishes in brass. The fans are composed by a moulded celluloid screen , that represents the turtle’s veins, on which there’s the script “Acque Olmitello diuretici naturali”  and “ Sali Olmitello lassativi naturali”  an advertised product. The screen is fixed on a flexible stick, covered by natural textile  threads through a brass stud feline headed; it ends with a ring of the same material. This kind of support can be found in many other models of French production and they take the mark “Eventail/Bte S.G.D.G.”. It’s a kind of serial fan which were very diffused and whose patent is registered in France under the name of René de Garam  6th  Febbraio 1926. The value of this little fan is its functionality due to the flexibility of the handle and surely to the low cost for its realization. Anyway, differently from more common pieces, the fans in collection have not the French mark which clearly shows the origins. In fact, there’s a fan corresponding to that one in the catalogue (by  I. Spedicano Murino: Il ventaglio: storia, simboli e linguaggio di un vocabolo di conoscenza,Villamagna 2005 cat. 112, p. 187). We could even imagine a production destined for foreign nations.
Maria Alessandra Chessa: op citata pag. 81-82
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci