“ L’Assemblèe des Notables”

“ L’Assemblèe des Notables”
Length cm 28
Spread cm 51
Sticks 14 plus 2
France 1787
Double page on acquerello and printed paper. Wood sticks. The scene represents King Louis XVI sitting at the center on the throne and with the sceptre on the right hand. On the right a laic character on foot ( Charles Alexandre de Calonne ?) and 2 prelates; on the left, a gowned character on foot and other 2 court dressed characters, surmounted by the sentence:   l' ASSEMBLEE DES NOTABLES commence'e le 22 Fevrier 1787. A Ronde Joeuse frames the scene.
Historical notes from Wikipedia:
“ while in England as in America there were all these revolutionary transformations, in France there was a generalized opposition against the economic and social rules which helped the privileged groups, the French State was in a very serious financial crisis, due to the economic  help given by the government to the 13 English colonies of America during the Indipendence war. During the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI, various ministers, including Anne Robert Turgot and Jacques Necker tried, without succeeding, to change the imperative system  transforming it in a more equilibrated and uniform system. These initiatives met a strong opposition from the noble class that feeling the guarantor in the fight against despotism. These ministers were obliged to resign and on 3rd November 1783, the King named Charles Alexandre de Calonne as Finances Minister. In 1786 Calonne founded out he was not able anymore to obtain loans on which he had based most of his economy. He realized that the bankrupt could be avoided just taxing in an impartial way all the social classes. He presented his idea to the King, but he was badly criticized by the noble class and by the clergy: it was evident that the tax equality could have taken a civil equality . Louis XVI , still attached to the status quo he has always known, hesitated in accepting this and other reforms that could have been discussed during the Assemblèe des Notables. The Assemblèe was established  but it was postponed because of the death of Vergennes. The king, who was very linked to him, cried for his death. The Assemblèe des Notables opposed the proposals of Calonne. The king the first May of 1787 replaced him with his principal critical, the president of the Assemblèe and the opposition leader, Etienne- Charles de LOmenie de Brienne, the archbishop of Tolouse. 
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