“The Emigrants” J. de la Nézière

“The Emigrants”

Lenght cm. 21,5
Spread cm 39,5
Sticks 12 plus 2

France 1913

Printed paper page, wooden sticks. The scene represents a young woman, dressed in a very simple way, who shakes a white napkin as a goodbye sign. On the background a steamer is going away. This fan is the representation of a difficult period no one remembers anymore. Certainly, beside the pleasantness of the tract, it’s possible to feel the resignation and the detaching pain.

Historical notes:
In 1913, there was an extraordinary migratory flux in all Europe. France had as principal destination Canada; according to the Statistics Canada the emigrants arrived that year were about 400.870.

J. de la  Nézière 1878-1914
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci