A. Ravaux - Outside in the Evening

Lunghezza   cm. 30,5
Apertura      cm. 56,5
Stecche        13 + 2
Francia 1880

Double leaf in black silk satin.
The painting depicts a family sitting outdoors wearing clothing that seems vaguely from the seventeenth century. A woman is making a ball of wool on a spinner while another has a child who is probably asleep in her arms. A man (perhaps the head of the family) regards the other characters. In the background, there are a series of austere antique buildings.
This miniature scene, which occupies only part of the leaf, has a wealth of detail only seen by photographic enlargement.
The mother of pearl sticks are black yet iridescent and, like the guardsticks, are completely smooth.

It is signed “A. Ravaux” and is therefore likely to have been made by Duvelleroy.
Made by Duvelleroy, signed “A. Ravaux”
work in progress
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci