Length cm 24
Spread cm 42
Sticks 18 plus 2

France 1791- 1793

Double page in printed paper, walnut sticks with a little inclusion in order to cover the rivet. A fan of the revolutionary period, maybe printed after 1791, when the assigned were already strongly inflated. It’s considered a realistic fan because at the center the 100 livres assigned takes on the King image and it’s the only one reproduced in all its totality and, opening just the 3 central sticks, just the portrait of Louis XVI is evidenced. On the retro, by pen the scripture Caroline JHastrn (?). A similar fan is reported in: L. de Mauri, L' amatore di ventagli tabacchiere e smalti. tav. XVI pag.51, op. cit.
 From Wikipedia:
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci