Byblical scene ?

Length cm 26
Spread cm 41
Sticks 18 plus 2

Holland 1700 (?)

This fan leaves me very doubtful. The simplicity of the ivory sticks very thick, smooth, not decorated, a simplicity very appreciated by the protestant world, this simplicity would put it at the end of the XVII century. The background of the page so clear and the pastel colors would put it in the Dutch area; a more deep analysis of the support material, such as identifying  the kind of kid skin it’s made of, would be very illuminating. The scene is not recognizable, here there are: two pilgrims old fashioned dressed, a camel and a mule with packs full of skins, two children who guide a flock (hypothetical), a male figure, dressed in an actual way for the age, with a basket on the head, a wonderful mountain  landscape and a castle or a fortified village are visible in the background. Could it be the coming back of Giuseppe from Egypt? I ask for some help.
In “Fans”, figure 6 pag 19 op.cit. it’s reported a fan with similar characteristics and dated 1690-1710 of French area. On 29th September 2011 I receive a useful sign from M. Pierre-Henry Biger: “Looking another time your fan, it seems to look like the scenes of “the trip for Cana”. “ Genesis, 12-10. Abramo was adviced by God to leave canaan and he goes towards Egypt with his wife Sara.
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