Length cm 23,5
Spread cm 46, 5
Sticks 20 plus 2
Northern Europe (?), 1740-1750
The whole page reminds to the age and the fashion of the “Chinoiserie”, so loved by Madam de Pompadour, officially become the King’s lover (1745).
The page is of painted at distemper paper, the two characters are eastern dressed , but their faces are surely European; the verdures, surrounding the scene, even if they are stulized, don’t remind to the typical eastern symbology.
The pearl sticks are engraved and painted following the vernis Martin manner that has replaced any other technique. The color on the sides, makes us miss the lagoon at the center. The sticks’ decoration is not usual, sheep, little putto, the coquille Saint-Jacques and the rocaille motif completely cover the sticks and the guards.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci