Dancing in Roman countryside

“ dancing in Roman countryside”

length  cm. 26,5
spread      cm. 49
sticks        20 + 2

Italy around 1765

The scene represents a party in the roman countryside, the Saint Peter’s dome in the background is unmistakable, the presence then of a character with a mask lifted up on the forehead, it could make me think of a wandering company. The theme is not properly of the last quarter of the XVIII century as the sticks seem to be. The page could be lightly prior and the sticks, surely English, belong to the neoclassical period. The subject, of the art comedy, is particularly appreciated and represented by two painters, Watteau and Bucher, but with a smaller dynamic impulse. This Italian artist, although inspired by French painters, gives us the liveliness of the Roman Castles. The Colombina (?) on the left is very nice and delicate. The ivory sticks are closed at the rivet by a white strass. 
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci