F. Houghton. Night in the Lagoon

Length cm 35
Spread cm 67
Sticks  14 plus 2
England, around 1880
Double silken page, painted at distemper, surrounded by a valencienne lace border. The grey pearl sticks, coming from Sidney, are completely smooth.
F. Houghton, author of the fan nr 046, here he proves a strong “Night in Venice” of whom we can recognize in the background the profiles of the Church of S. Maria della Salute (on the left) and the Church of Burano (?) or Pellestrina (on the right).
The characters, dressed according to the XVII century fashion, sail on an improbable gondola, richly adorned.
The dark changing grey pearl sticks, surely come from Australia; in fact some charges of this dark pearl usually left from Sydney.
On the recto, a swallows’ flight in a sunny day.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci