Italian Red Cross

“Italian Red Cross”

lenght cm 16
spread cm 30
sticks 16 plus 2

Milan around 1916

A Brisè fan in pressed and printed cardboard, guards in balsa wood. As the nr 102 and 103 (*), the Italian Red Cross this time, had prepared these gadgets for the fundraising during the world war. Here king Vittorio Emanuele III and the political characters of the ally nations are represented.
From the left:
   I - Pietro I, King of Serbia
 II -  Ferdinand Foch,  Marshall of France commander.
III - Sidney Sonnino Italian foreign Minster
IV -  David Lloyd Georg,  English prime minster
 V -  Antonio Orlando President of the Italian counseil
VI -  Raymond Poincaré President of the French republic
VII - Alberto I, king of Belgio
 VIII - Vittorio Emanuele III
  IX -  Giorgio V, king of the United Kingdom
  X  - Thomas Woodrow Wilson, President of USA
 XI  - Nicola, I king of Montenegro
XII  - Georges Clemenceau, President of the French Conseil
XIII - Armando Vittorio Diaz, Commander  of the Italian army
XIV - Stephen Pichon, French foreign minster
XV  - Douglas  Haig, commander of the British expedition corps
XVI - Eleftherios Venizelos, Greek President
A very similar fan has been published in “ventagli italiani” op. cit. nr 107 p.158
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