Jacob's dream

Length cm 30
Spread cm 54, 5
Sticks 20 plus 2
Holland, around 1730
A peau velin page fan, painted at gouache.
The whole scene, represents “ The dream of Jacob”, Genesis XXVIII, 12-17; this one can be considered a Church fan.
The longed figures, the faces’ profiles and the spare decoration of the page, all this inserts it in the Walloon area.
The decoration  of the boarder of the page, very simple and essential, takes some representations that, after a precise exam, can be linked to the religious symbology ( a basket full of fruits, the trumpet with a cartouche reproducing a musical line, the little dead marine nature , on the right, with an oyster and some coral  brunches).
The ivory sticks are fretted with an articulated and symmetrical decoration.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci