Moses and daughters Jatro's

length cm 27,5
spread cm 51
sticks 20 plus 2

Italy (?) 1700

Fan painted at distemper on kid skin, the scene is very articulated and not easy to interpret. At a first sight one could think of a countryside bagging, a theme often represented. But looking with more attention we can see the following particulars:
1) Almost all the characters have the pilgrim’s stick.
2) The female sitting figures are adorned with pearls around the neck.
3) The male figures are dressed with poor clothes
4) The headgears are Orientalizing turbans
5) On the background there’s a large urban agglomerate
6) Just the woman getting water from the spring is dressed following the time’s fashionOn the right, a basket with a red wine flask, on the left a round pumpkin as water-flask, little particulars that don’t allow recognizing the production place of the fan; similarly, the architectures are not referable to a particular geographic area, except for the roofs’ slopes that are not of Mediterranean area. The ivory sticks are decorated with pearl inclusions and silver stippled; they have, on the throat, an hunting scene with the hawk. The rivet is recovered of pearl. 
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci
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