Roma - temple of Cibele - Castle of Acqua Giulia

Length cm 29
Spread cm 53,5
Sticks 14 plus 2
Italy, around 1790
Great Tour fan in neoclassical style with three night sights of Rome. Differently from the Neapolitan artists, the roman artists don’t give any indication about the monuments here represented; this is why we have to look at the rich production of roman sights by Piranesi.
At the center, we find the temple of Cibele in piazza della Bocca della verità.
On the right the Castle of Acqua Giulia is represented.
On the left the Temple of the Concordia.
Even in this fan, the partitions are painted at grotesque very similar to those ones of the fan nr.23 for the elegance of the execution opposed to the discrete quality of the sight. It could be a right hypothesis the intervention of two different hands. The sticks, an English production, are in ivory, and they are fretted and silver damascened, the rivet is covered by a white strass.
The evolution of the grotesque decorations lasts for about 2 centuries until the neoclassical period.
Liborio Coccetti, Foligno 23th  July 1739 – Roma 2nd March 1816.
He had a great success as internal decorator in the neoclassical period. Every roman family used him for the palaces of the town or for the country residences.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci