Romeo Marchetti caricatures

“Romeo Marchetti”

Lenght cm 23
Spread cm 41
Sticks 28 plus 2

Italy 1911

Funny series of pen and acquerello  caricatures made by Romeo Marchetti. We can recognize Ruggero Leoncavallo and Dina Galli, respectively the second and the fourth from the right. The bamboo sticks are of oriental exportation and of no value. Romeo Marchetti, he was born in Rome in 1876, he defines himself a “ caricaturist journalist” in an autobiographical volume titles “Mezzo secolo. Ricordi di un giornalista caricaturist” edited in 1940. He was a great friend of Leoncavallo, and once inserted in the theatrical world, he often frequented Montecatini and Fiuggi.  Very famous in the first half of the XX century, he founded in 1900 the satirical journal “il travaso delle Idee” and in 1913 “IL Pupazzetto”, he collaborated with various journals from “Messaggero” to “Giornale d’Italia”, to “Piccolo”, to “Todaro” in Venezia, to“Caffaro” in Genova and to“Nuovo Giornale” in Florence. He died in 1940. Nowadays he has been almost completely forgotten. It’s interesting the article of Rinaldo Sartini titled “I dimenticati”.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci