Scrap Fans

“monograms and crests”

Lenght cm. 23
Spread cm 42
Sticks    17 plus 2

England around 1890

 Pearwood fan with applications recut from visiting cards , usually left during the morning visits. With great patience, the owner of this fan gives  us a background of her friends and frequentations, if we consider they are disposed on four ranges for each stick, we have a total of 144 different cuttings. If these were the rythms of visits of one saison ( which usually lasted 2 months), we can easily imagine the stress of the novices during the Victorian Age. It could be interesting the recognition of the crests to have a more precise idea of the “ social level”  frequented by the maid.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci