The dice players

Altezza pagina  cm. 14
Apertura            cm. 53

france or Holland 1790

The leaf is a rare example of an etching on goatskin. It has a date on the rifle butt and an unrecognizable signature on the blade of the sword.
The accuracy of the details (such as the inclusion of a churchwarden pipe coming out of a pocket) and the physical appearance of the main characters suggest it is of
Flemish origin.
On the left, we see three men who are probably road bandits. They are playing dice and contrast significantly with the marshlands and two bucolic looking figures amusing themselves by playing a flute and type of mandolin.
Barely visible on the back there are the huntress Diana with her bow and a dog, which represents the only link back to the characters on the opposite side.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci