The sold Giuseppe

Length cm 31
Spread cm 53,5
Sticks 20 plus 2
Holland, around 1740.
A Church fan which, because of the typology and the colors, can be placed in the Walloon area. The leather page of velin is painted at distemper with a scene at whole page, limited by a tree on the left and by a bush on the right.
The rim of the page has a very stylized flowery decoration. There are four characters; two bearded men and two boys; in the background we can see a pyramid trimming on a urban agglomerate (?) shown by the left young man who holds the rope which binds the wrists of the other one. The adults on the right have some particular in the way of dressing we’re still studying.
The scene represents the moment when Giuseppe is sold by his brothers: Genesis 37: 12-36.
The ivory sticks are engraved and painted. Maybe the represented animals have a symbolic meaning, not yet demonstrated.
The rivet is closed by a brass ring, a XIX add.
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci