Trasparencies game

“transparencies’ game”

Lenght    cm. 27
Spread    cm. 51,5
Sticks      13 plus 2

Austria around 1778

The page of this fan is in silk, embroidered and painted with applications of paillets of various colors; the incisions closed by a golden web allowing to have a look furtively, they  are really a coquetry. The painted part is composed by a central scene and two specular at the sides. The  domestic scene at the center, it helps us for dating the fan; the mother who keeps in her arms the child, she has a bonnet very similar to that one represented in an incision of Jean-Michel Moreau in 1776 and called by F. Boucher,  op. cit., p. 279,  bonnet à la cauchoise. At the sides, two dancing dressed couples, to be noticed the large panier. The pearl sticks, more elegant than the page, they are sculpted and golden and silvered damascened. It would be interesting to understand the message behind the clock-face which indicates6 a.m or 6 p.m.?
"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail." Leonardo Da Vinci