Venice cà Dario

Brisè in celluloid

Lenght cm 18
Spread cm 33
26 sticks plus 2

Italy around 1890

Little Brisè fan of the end of the XIX century; at the center, the view of a venetian path constituted by an oleograph on a canvas pasted to the celluloid and surrounded by little oil painted flowers.
Curiosity:  Oleograph is a procedure of chromolithographic print very fashionable in the middle of the XIX century.
Ca 'Dario, the cursed palace and the chronology of the deaths from 1479

Why is Ca 'Dario cursed? The hypothesis
Over the centuries the various hypotheses formulated on the origins of the alleged curse of Ca 'Dario are different. There are those who claim that the palace was built on a Templar cemetery and those who think that the curse was influenced by a talisman on the water door of the nearby palace. What is the truth, we do not know, however, for good luck, it is better to stay away from it.

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