Pipes player

“pipes’ player”

Lenght   cm. 28,5
Spread   cm. 49,5
Sticks     17 plus 2

France around 1780

Whole page painted fan, the only scene represents a lady dressed as a shepherdess with a pipes’ player or musette. The ivory sticks are sculpted and lacquered according to the vernis Martin’s technique. The pictorial technique reminds to the Dutch one of the Vallone area, but the faces’ profiles are less vanished and the figures are less tapering. I would put it in France but I accept any kind of correction.
Historical notes:
After 1780, Quenn Marie Antoniette makes build a little village close the Petit Trianon in Versaille where she imagined herself a simple countrywoman. The arcadian pastoral fashion was born and it will last for some years. Florence straw hats, not anymore court’s clothes, and in all European fans sheep carried by ethereal shepherdess. In 1784 Jacopo Vittorelli composes the Anacreontiche ad Irene, defining his love “ arcadian shepherdess amongst white sheep” (Enciclopedia della Moda, vol. 2, p. 381). Even the use of pipes had a great revival.
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