The arrival of Clitemnestra and Ifigenia in Aulide

Page height cm 14,5
Picture cm 27X 40
France, around 1674
Schedule by Giovanni Rimondini
First of all, the rectangular addings made by a naif painter at the end of the XVIIIcentury, can’t be interpreted, with the balcony on the left and trees on the right, and even the little lake with swans at the center.
The original page represents the arrival in Aulide of Clitennestra and Ifigenia, following the order of Easchylous’s tragedy, but in a unexpressed preeceding moment , in the first act, the arrival of the two women, welcomed by a female chorus of “Calcide’s daughters”.
The femal chorus in the tragedy welcomes the women coming down from the lorry. In the fan, the women are represented in 2 groups, one on the boat and the other one on Aulide’s shore, on the right. In the tragedy, the women meet Agamennone and then Achille, Ifigenia’s promised groom arrives.
In the fan, Achille is representd on the left riding a horse with a group of warriors who show the scene.
The pictorial language of the page appears substained and it must be attributed to the painters of Louis XIV’s court.
Historical notes:
Ifigenia in Aulide is represented in Versailles (Orangerie), during the 6 days of celebration, from the 4th July to the 31st august 1674, wanted by Louis XV to celebrate the conquer of the fortress of Besançon and Dole during the war against Charles the second of Hasburg.
The painting could be dated to this short period; the topic is very actual and it could be linked to preoccupation climax of the Court, due to the sudden death of the Duchess of Orleans and to other deaths which led to the Voisin process (1679).
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